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Unleash Your

"Unleash Your Extraordinary helps you refocus on what you want
to achieve and best of all provides actionable steps
to get you there – no excuses."



Life's too short to live anything but
your most extraordinary life

Hello, I’m Jess - an entrepreneur, turned product manager, turned creator of Unleash Your Extraordinary, the inspirational workshop designed to empower and equip women (in particular) with the confidence and tools to achieve their ambitions.

After receiving a life-threatening diagnosis, I left my product role in San Francisco to embark on a mission to create my most extraordinary life and empower and support others to create theirs.

The experience of facing my mortality changed my life. It unleashed in me a confidence that feels limitless, a resilience that feels superhuman and a renewed energy to pursue my ambitions.

Unleash Your Extraordinary exists to empower people to achieve their ambitions and equip them with the tools to grow confidence, build resilience and take effective action towards their goals - because life's too short to live anything but your most extraordinary life.

I am incredibly proud to have hosted Unleash Your Extraordinary for hundreds of women across the globe, including teams at Salesforce, Virgin Group and other exciting companies. As well as large audiences, such as the European Women in Technology conference. 

With past attendees describing Unleash Your Extraordinary as "life-changing", I can't wait to help you empower your team (or audience). If you're excited to explore how we can empower your team together, please get in touch.

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