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Unleash Your

"...helps you refocus on what you want to achieve and best of all provides
actionable steps to get you there - no excuses."


Unleash Your Extraordinary is a transformative session that helped me consider my life, career, and even my own mortality with the lens “What do I want to be possible?” rather than “What can I get done?” Jess is an inspiring coach and I’m looking forward to working with her again.
— Merci G., Founder of Women in Product & Former Director of Product, Slack

Let's create the life you want

Hello, I’m Jess! An entrepreneur, personal coach and the creator of Unleash Your Extraordinary - a transformative workshop that empowers and equips women with the mindset, tools and support to achieve our ambitions. With the mission to create more female leaders, help women thrive in the workplace, and ultimately: unleash our full potential.

The day that changed everything

In 2016, I received an "ultra-rare" and life-threatening diagnosis - one that changed my life forever. I was a ticking time bomb, who based on the data (99:1) should not be here. Stopping the bomb going off, requires regular treatment for the rest of my life.

The experience of facing my mortality unleashed in me something extraordinary: a renewed energy and determination to gain clarity on and pursue my ambitions, a confidence that can feel limitless, and a resilience that can feel superhuman.

It inspired me to leave my product role in San Francisco and embark on a mission to create my most extraordinary life: empowering and supporting women to create theirs.

The impact so far

I am incredibly proud to have hosted Unleash Your Extraordinary for hundreds of women across the globe, including teams at Salesforce, Virgin Group and other exciting companies. As well as large audiences, such as the European Women in Technology conference. 

With attendees describing Unleash Your Extraordinary as "life-changing" and "transformational", it's my mission to share the experience with as many people as possible. To explore how we can work together, please get in touch.


Teams unleashing their extraordinary

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