Jess Ratcliffe

It's time to

Unleash YOUR Extraordinary


Hello, I'm Jess!


I'm on a mission

To empower and equip women in tech with the confidence and tools to achieve their wildest ambitions; to live their most extraordinary life.

let me tell you why

In 2016, I was diagnosed with an ultra-rare and life-threatening blood disease. This experience woke me up and sparked a fire in me to create the life I really want. It taught me that life - as you know it - can change in a moment and that the fear of dying before you've achieved your wildest ambitions is overwhelming.

There have been a few moments when I was convinced that I was going to die. In each of these moments, I felt a fear - and disappointment - that I've never felt before. And I refused to die having never achieved my wildest ambitions, having never become the person I know I can be.

I never want you to feel this fear.

the 'unleash your extraordinary' workshop

Unleash YOUR Extraordinary is a unique and "super inspiring" workshop, in which I share the techniques I used to gain clarity on my vision, unlock my confidence and harness my experience as a product manager and startup founder to execute on my vision. More importantly, I guide attendees through those techniques so they can do exactly the same, then and there.

My Coaching Program

My one-on-one coaching program is perfect for you if you're ready and excited to kick life up a notch and discover how far you can really go. Together, we'll define your ambitions, identify what holds you back, build the tools to overcome those blockers and design and execute on an action plan to achieve your wildest ambitions - whatever they look like for you.



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