Jess Ratcliffe


Unleash YOUR Extraordinary

“Unleash YOUR Extraordinary helps you refocus on what you want to achieve
and provides actionable steps to get you there - no excuses.”

Jess is the only answer to the question,
”What if Tony Robbins were a woman in technology?”
— Leon M., VP of Market Strategy at Salesforce

Hey there! I’m so excited you’re here because something tells me you’re ready to unleash your full potential and discover what you're truly capable of.

I want you to imagine - for a moment - how it would feel to have boundless confidence and superhuman-like resilience. To believe in yourself completely and know that everyday you're unleashing your full potential. To know what you want to achieve and know you have the tools to get there.

That's unleashing your extraordinary. And I’m here to help you make this happen. Let me tell you why...

What if you were to die tomorrow?

In 2016, I was a ticking time bomb. Out of nowhere, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening and ultra-rare blood disease. To stop the bomb going off, I need treatment every 2 weeks for the rest of my life.

Until I was diagnosed, I had been lucky to never face death. I never stopped to consider my own death or what it would mean.

Since my diagnosis, there have been times when I was convinced I was going to die. Each of those times, all I could think was that I’m not ready. And I felt overwhelmed with the fear that I was going to die before becoming the person I know I can be.

I refuse to feel this fear again and I never want you to feel it either.

It’s my mission to use my experience and the fire it ignited in me to help you identify and pursue your ambitions now - because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Unleash YOUR Extraordinary helps you refocus on what you want to achieve and best of all provides actionable steps to get you there – no excuses.
— Zara E., Brand Manager at Virgin Games

Unleash YOUR Extraordinary


Unleash YOUR Extraordinary is a transformative workshop that helps you gain clarity on your ambitions and equips you with the tools to get there.

The experience of facing my mortality unleashed in me something extraordinary - it unlocked a resilience that can feel superhuman and a confidence without limits. It taught me that what I'm capable of is a universe bigger than what I knew possible. Now, it's my mission to help you unleash your extraordinary; and for you leave the room excited and inspired to pursue your ambitions; equipped with the tools to make them reality.

Everyone left the room inspired, excited and determined to make positive changes. Thank you, Jess!
— Saskia D., Head of Virgin Group Internal Communications

People leave the workshop feeling empoweredfull of purpose and motivated to achieve their goals. You will also leave with...

  • Clarity on your ambitions and the changes you want to make;
  • Awareness of what holds you back and techniques to overcome your blockers when they appear;
  • A clear goal you want to achieve in the next 3 months and your first 1-3 steps planned out;
  • Unwavering support from Jess...should you need it.
It’s been 3 weeks and people are still talking about how GREAT it was!
— Olivia G., Global People Director at Unruly

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