A transformative workshop
for your team

“Every individual left the session with a spring in their step and a focus and confidence that had been lacking beforehand. That’s pretty good going in 2 hours!”

– Sarah Ellis, MD at Gravity Road & co-founder of Amazing If

Unleash Your Extraordinary is a transformative workshop.

Leaders from Slack, Salesforce and other exciting companies, describe the Unleash Your Extraordinary workshop as transformative, inspirational and emboldening. People report walking away feeling focused, energised and buzzing with excitement to put their new insights and tools into action.

Unleash Your Extraordinary is a group coaching workshop grounded in the idea of building ourselves like we build successful products. Over 2 hours (typically), I’ll coach your team through applying a product mindset to their personal development.

Everyone in the room will walk with:

  • A clear vision for how they want to grow – including what their next level looks like, the “features” they want to build in themselves, the skills they want to develop and the positive changes they want to make to drive their growth forward.

  • A deeper understanding of how their doubts, fears and negative narratives are holding them back and limiting their potential.

  • A set of simple and actionable tools to break free from their limitations and begin building the self-belief to show up in alignment with their ambitions.

  • A roadmap of exciting experiments to put their new insights and tools into action and start closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

The content of the session is inspired by my decade-long background in product development, my work as a coach to startup founders and teams and my own experience of rebuilding myself after a life-threatening diagnosis, by applying a product mindset to my personal development.

A typical session is delivered in-person, over 2 hours and to groups of 10 people per session. However, I’ll happily tailor the experience to best serve your people.

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“Thank you so much for your Unleash Your Extraordinary session, I found it so impactful and it has already changed how I’m showing up day-to-day. After the session, I felt much more confident and started taking action without overthinking or doubting myself – and I’ve been speaking up in meetings more than ever before.”

– Danielle Rice, Marketing Manager at UKTV