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Unleash Your Extraordinary is an inspirational and innovative workshop that empowers and equips your team with the confidence and tools to achieve their ambitions. Team members from Salesforce, Virgin Group and other exciting companies describe the workshop as "life-changing".

I was lucky enough to join one of Jess’ sessions at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. She has an amazing, heart-wrenching story, and uses a combination of passion, humor and sound psychological foundations to give clear, actionable steps for people to improve their lives.
— Leon M., VP Market Strategy, Salesforce

This unique and powerful workshop will leave every member of your team feeling empowered, excited and determined to unleash their full potential - equipped with the tools to do so.

Together, we gain clarity on our ambitions, grow our confidence, develop resilience and take effective action towards our goals. The workshop consists of individual, immersive work and group sharing to create support.

Jess is an inspiration – she is natural, open and personable and this came across in the workshop where she instantly captured the audience! Everyone left the workshop inspired, excited and determined to make positive changes. Thank you, Jess!
— Saskia D., Head of Virgin Group Communications

Unleash Your Extraordinary is inspired by a life-threatening diagnosis and how the experience of facing our mortality changed my life. It is influenced by my background as an entrepreneur and product manager, making it equal parts inspirational and actionable. For optimal impact, Unleash Your Extraordinary is customized to the needs of your team.

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