Life's short, let's give it everything we've got

Imagine how it would feel to live with more joy, self-belief and excitement for growth than self-doubt, anxiety and fear of failure.

Imagine if we approached developing ourselves like we build successful products - with a mindset that inspires testing our assumptions (what we believe to be true) and rapid iteration (growth).

Unleash Your Extraordinary an intensive 2-hour workshop designed to equip you with the clarity, confidence, mindset and tools to create the life you want now - because life’s short and unpredictable so let's give it everything we've got.

Past attendees describe Unleash Your Extraordinary as transformative and life-changing. As a leader at Virgin said, "Everyone left inspired, excited and determined to make positive changes."

You will walk away with:

  • Clarity on the life you want to create - the impact you want to have, the ambitions you want to achieve and the positive changes you want to make - translated into an actionable goal you want to achieve in the next 3-months.

  • Awareness of the assumptions, beliefs and negative narratives that are preventing you from achieving your full potential.

  • An army of tools to break through your blockers, strengthen your self-belief and build your resilience.

  • An action plan of tiny, effective steps to move you from procrastination to action.

  • Simple habits that seamlessly integrate the mindset, insights and tools you experience in the workshop into day-to-day life.

Success stories

Those who experience Unleash Your Extraordinary describe feeling empowered, emboldened and full of purpose following the workshop. Past attendees have gone on to earn promotions, become the superstars on their team and feel more confident. 

Hear from our past attendees.

For you 

We host Unleash Your Extraordinary for intimate groups of like-minded, ambitious individuals on a regular basis. Would you like to join a future workshop? Send me a short note with a bit about you to let us know.

For your team

Are you curious to learn about hosting Unleash Your Extraordinary for your team or a group within your company? We would love to speak with you. Send me a short note and we'll schedule a time to talk further.



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