Everyone left the workshop inspired, excited and determined to make positive changes. Jess is an inspiration – she is natural, open and personable and this came across in the workshop where she instantly captured the audience!
— Saskia D., Head of Virgin Group Communications

We have a universe of extraordinary potential within us. Most of us never know it's there; it lays dormant - undiscovered and unused - until an experience changes how we view our world and what's possible for us.

Described as transformative, emboldening and inspirational by teams at Salesforce, Virgin Group and other exciting companies, Unleash Your Extraordinary is an immersive, group coaching workshop that helps your team discover how extraordinary they are. Everyone in the room will walk away with:

  • A new lens on their world and what's possible for them;
  • A powerful vision for their most extraordinary life and career;
  • The confidence, tools and support to make their vision a reality.

Unleash Your Extraordinary is designed to be a life-changing experience. It's inspired by the experience of facing my mortality - after being diagnosed with a life-threatening blood disease - and how that changed my lens on the world, what's possible for us and what we're capable of.

    Unleash Your Extraordinary helped me paint a picture for my future and helped me create actionable steps to get there!
    — Christina P., Vice President, Salesforce Women's Network & Product Manager, Salesforce

    In the workshop (typically 2 hours long), we work deeply on the following areas: 

    • Vision  using innovative exercises, we gain clarity on our vision - what our extraordinary life looks like - and dive deep to discover and define our short and long-term ambitions.
    • Blockers – our limiting beliefs can prevent us from taking action and seizing opportunities that lead to growth; that's why we identify and build awareness around the limiting beliefs that hold us back.
    • Beliefs – using techniques grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we rewrite our negative narratives into empowering stories and build the tools to breakthrough our blockers, whenever they appear for us.
    • Strategy – taking the first steps towards a goal can be daunting, so much so that we often don’t take action at all; that's why we create a roadmap of effective steps towards our goal and start taking action in the workshop.
    • Mindset – to optimize for ongoing success, we create and practice a 10 minute daily discipline, designed to grow confidence, build resilience and help us maintain momentum towards our goal.

    Your team will leave transformed - energized, excited and equipped to achieve more than they previously knew possible.

    I was lucky enough to join one of Jess’ sessions at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. Jess has an amazing story, and uses a combination of passion, humor and sound psychological foundations to give clear, actionable steps for people to improve their lives.
    — Leon M., VP Market Strategy, Salesforce

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