Helping you create successful products, with one-on-one or team-based product coaching.

You have a product vision and you're ready to turn it into reality. You're ready to take the ideas whirling around your mind and make them real, turning them into actionable next steps. However, it might feel like you're not sure where to start; that your vision is so big and you have so many ideas, that it's overwhelming. That's where our work together starts.

Or you might already have a product in the world. One that you've taken to where it is now, however, it feels like it's not having the success you imagined and you're not sure why.

With over a decade of product experience - from building my first product (and company) in my late teens to developing products in gaming, digital medicine, London and San Francisco - I'm here to help you create a successful product, through one-on-one or team-based product coaching. 

As your product coach, I'm here to help you...

  • Translate your product vision into clear, actionable steps so - taking your ideas out of your mind and into reality;
  • Identify the assumptions you might be making - about your product, market and customers - that aren't serving you;
  • Define a set of experiments - and implement a user interview and testing process - so that you're validating your assumptions and ideas early and often;
  • Discover the blind spots that are holding you, your team and your product back;
  • Plot a path towards success, helping you build your product mindset so you have the tools for continued growth long after our work together is complete.

Our work together will be hands-on, honest and - most importantly - fun.

Next steps

Are you ready to explore how we could work together? Please send me a short note and we'll discuss next steps.