Confident. Inspired. Transformed.

“Coaching with Jess has helped me massively - it's become one of the highlights of my week. I really appreciate having someone to talk to who listens without judgement, and reframes my issues to help me see things from another perspective. Coaching has allowed me to connect the dots on various patterns in my life, helped me to work through obstacles and given me clarity on potential solutions.”

– beautystack team member

“Jess helped me navigate the inevitable roller-coaster ride of being a start up founder. Her ability to actively listen, ask the hard questions and accentuate the positives is exactly what you need from a coach. Our one-to-one sessions helped me keep my focus and strengthen my purpose and vision for starting the new social enterprise.”

— Dom Taylor, Founder PRIME (A Zinc VC Mission 2 company)

“Unleash Your Extraordinary is transformative - it helped me consider my life and career with the lens ‘What do I want to be possible?’ rather than ‘What can I get done?’ Jess is an inspiring coach and I’m looking forward to working with her again.”

— Merci Grace, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, founder of Women in Product & ex-Director of Product at Slack.

“Here’s what I loved about Unleash Your Extraordinary – Jess has a style that immediately makes any group of people feel comfortable, she’s relatable, passionate and quietly inspirational – she doesn’t let her ego or experiences get in the way of helping others.

Jess’ approach is straight forward and understandable whilst simultaneously prompting people to re-evaluate and re-imagine what’s important in their lives. I could see that every individual left the session with a spring in their step and a focus and confidence that had been lacking beforehand. That’s pretty good going in 2 hours!”

— Sarah Ellis, MD at Gravity Road and co-founder of Amazing If

“I took part in Jess’ session with a group of about 25 people, and in such a short space of time Jess had people digging deep, thinking hard and making tangible plans to make the changes required to shake up their lives. Jess’s approach is humble and inspiring and I would recommend her sessions to anyone.”

— Jack Lowman, senior marketer & founder and author of Hack Yourself

“Thank you so much for your Unleash Your Extraordinary session, I found it so impactful and it has already changed how I’m showing up day-to-day. After the session, I felt much more confident and started taking action without overthinking or doubting myself – and I’ve been speaking up in meetings more than ever before. I left your session completely buzzing with excitement and already feel so different, after just 2 days.”

— Danielle Rice, Marketing Manager at UKTV

“Everyone left inspired, excited and determined to make positive changes. Jess is an inspiration – she is natural, open and personable and this came across when she instantly captured the group. Jess’ style of presenting is honest and passionate – she encouraged everyone to put themselves into a place where they could unleash their extraordinary!”

— Saskia Dornan, Head of Virgin Group Communications

“I was lucky enough to join one of Jess’ sessions recently at Salesforce HQ in San Francisco. She has an amazing, heart-wrenching story, and uses a combination of passion, humor and sound psychological foundations to give clear, actionable steps for people to improve their lives. Jess is an inspiration and the only answer to the question: “What if Tony Robbins were a woman?”

— Leon Markham, VP Market Strategy, Salesforce

“Unleash Your Extraordinary helped me paint a picture for my future and helped me create actionable steps to get there!”

— Christina Petersen, Vice President, Salesforce Women's Network & Product Manager, Salesforce

“Jess is an utterly captivating speaker and facilitator. I left empowered and full of purpose to go out and start working towards the future that I want. With her positive energy, she managed to create an atmosphere of complete openness amongst strangers in a few minutes.

Jess is an extraordinary coach - her capacity to truly listen, understand and break down the current situation you are experiencing is simply rare. Her sincere empathy makes it easy to open up to her within minutes and her approach to coaching is engaging, inspiring and eye opening; the sessions left me stronger, more positive and ready to work harder to better my situation.”

— Liat W., Product Manager at a global technology design studio.

“Unleash Your Extraordinary encourages you to face your dreams in a new light - the type of goals you think about but never quite spark into action - and put thoughts into practice. It offers you the time to contemplate what’s holding you back and prepares you for the next steps. I left emboldened and I’m still feeling motivated!”

— Alex S., Marketing Executive, Unruly

“Unleash Your Extraordinary helps you refocus on what you want to achieve and best of all provides actionable steps to get you there. Jess is an extremely inspirational and driven individual, who you warm to immediately and want to achieve your goals with. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to take a leap – big or small.”

— Zara E., Brand Manager, Virgin Games

“It’s been 3 weeks and people are still talking about how great it was!”

— Olivia G., Global People Director, Unruly