30. Self-fulfilling Prophecies and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

What are the self-fulfilling prophecies that are running your world?

Where do you notice yourself thinking or saying “I’m not…” statements that aren’t serving you? Maybe it’s “I’m not a public speaker” or “I’m not a manager” or “I’m just not good at _____”

In this episode...

  • We're digging deeper into self-fulfilling prophecies and how the stories we tell ourselves influence what we believe, feel, think and do.

  • You'll hear about a self-fulfilling prophecy that’s been with me since I was 7 years old.

  • And we look at how life could be different if we were free of the self-fulfilling stories that are limiting us.

Lastly, I leave you with a coaching challenge to help you spot your stories this week and start breaking free. Listen to the end for all the details.


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