29. Unleashing Your Joy

I've been thinking a lot about joy and how, in the pursuit of becoming who we want to be, we can steal our own.

We beat ourselves up for not being further ahead. We focus on what we're lacking – on the gap – rather than what we've achieved. We let our negative inner voice rule the roost, sending us into a spiral of self-doubt, overthinking and playing small.

Doesn't it feel like personal development is hard enough?

So why do we make it harder by tearing ourselves down vs. cheering ourselves on?

In this episode, we explore how you can unleash your joy and bring a sense of lightness and fun to our personal development, as we grow together week by week, episode by episode. And I invite you into a challenge this week – listen to the end for all the details.


30. Self-fulfilling Prophecies and the Stories We Tell Ourselves


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