25. Dealing with Negative People

You know that feeling when a "negative person" walks in the room and we move from feeling free to feeling frozen – unsure how to be or what to say?

When there’s an individual who feels like a negative presence in our lives, it can cause us to shrink, hold back and stay quiet. To feel like we can only be a slither of our full selves – and we know that limits our confidence, creativity and growth because we're only being the "safe" part of who we are (in those contexts).

So in this episode, we dive into…

  • Why we can be so impacted by negative people – and what their negativity really means.

  • How to identify whether you’re experiencing a negative person in your life…and if you’re a negative person in others’ lives.

  • What we can do to change our approach from both perspectives.

I hope this episode sparks a deeper level of awareness and the actions to start changing how you deal with negative people - from today on.


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