24. Unleash Your Extraordinary – A Personal Experience Of My Coaching Workshop

How do we build the people we dream of being, so we can create the lives – and impact – we dream of creating?

Inspired by a talk I delivered to a group of entrepreneurs for Virgin StartUp’s StepUp program this week, I’m excited to capture the essence of my talk for you in this episode. My hope is that this episode creates the experience – or a taste – of being in one of my coaching workshops.

We dive into…

  • The life-changing experience that inspired me to start building the person I want to be and help as many people as I can fulfill their potential.

  • The Unleash Your Extraordinary framework – the 3 steps and how it can help us build the people we dream of being.

  • And I’ll coach you through the 3 steps of the framework to help you identify and start iterating towards one change you dream of making.

As always, I hope this episode sparks a smile, a new insight and an idea...or two.


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