20. Reflecting On the Year So Far and Intentionally Creating the Year Ahead

What do you want MORE of this year? What do you want LESS of?

As we move into the second half of the year (this episode went live on 1st July 2019), it's my intention to help you reflect on your year so far so that you can intentionally create the year ahead.

We cover:

  • How I've reflected on my year so far – with a mid-year audit, inspired by this episode of the RISE podcast – and what I've learnt from doing so

  • How to reflect on your year and how you've spent your time and energy so far

  • And I coach you through your own mid-year audit to help you identify what's served your growth this year – what you want MORE of – and what it's time to start saying no to – what you want LESS of.


21. Giving Ourselves Permission to Pursue Our Boldest Visions


19. Reverse Engineering the Outcomes, Impact and Success We Dream of Creating