Episode 19: Reverse Engineering the Outcomes, Impact and Success We Dream of Creating


How do we achieve something that feels bigger than anything we’ve achieved so far? What’s the key to creating the outcomes, impact and success we dream of creating?

Those are the questions we’re exploring today. In this episode, it’s my intention to spark a new and playful way of approaching your goals.

So this episode is for you if…

  • You – or your team – have a BIG goal and it feels like your current approach isn’t “working” or – perhaps, more importantly – you aren’t enjoying it.

  • Your goal is SO big it feels overwhelming and you find yourself focusing on the gap – on what’s missing – between where you are now and where you want to be.

  • You’re excited to experience a new way of approaching your goals – one that sparks a new perspective AND that you can put into practice today.

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Jess Ratcliffe