16. Building Ourselves like We're Building a Successful Product – How to Apply a Product Mindset to Our Personal Development


Have you ever wondered how it's been possible to turn an idea into a product that serves billions of people? And how, if that's possible – with the likes of Facebook, Google and many others – we can apply the mindset of building products to building ourselves?

This episode is for you if...

  • You're constantly curious about how you can grow

  • You're feeling blocked by a lack of clarity on what's next for your growth

  • Or you're spending too much time with our good friend, overthinking and you're ready to get into action

In this episode, I'm guiding you through...

  • 3 lenses from the world of product development that we can apply to our personal development

  • A series of questions to help you find clarity, achieve awareness of what's holding you back and take action to move forward

  • A mindset shift to apply when your inner talk and self-limiting beliefs kick in

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Jess Ratcliffe