Jess helped me navigate the inevitable roller-coaster ride of being a start up founder. Her ability to actively listen, ask the hard questions and accentuate the positives is exactly what you need from a coach.
— Dom Taylor, Founder PRIME (A Zinc VC Mission 2 company)

You’re hungry for growth and driven by impact

You have a vision for the future you want to create. You’re constantly curious about how you can be the best you can be and inspire those around you to do the same.

Your pace is intimidating to most, which creates a sense of feeling different. It’s rare to find someone else like you. You see the world differently and have a feeling you’re here for a reason.

You’re ready to uncover what’s truly possible for you.

I’m here to help with that

Together, we’ll work deeply to turn that vision you have for the future – and your impact – into reality.

We’ll create confidence in your inner knowing, we’ll break through the blockers that feel like they’re holding you back and we’ll take action that excites you.

We’ll define who you dream of becoming and uncover what could be possible for you when you feel free – of doubt, fear or limitations – to show up with everything you’ve got.

Together, we’ll think differently about your growth, make bold moves that change the game and create magic while we do.

Let’s do this

Does this sound like the kind of coaching you’ve been looking to experience?

The best next step is to have a conversation, where we’ll discuss your needs and I’ll ask you a few questions to craft a personalised proposal for how we can work together 1:1.

Send me a note and let’s schedule a time to speak.