Coaching to catalyse
your growth

“Jess helped me navigate the inevitable roller-coaster ride of being a start up founder. Her ability to actively listen, ask the hard questions and accentuate the positives is exactly what you need from a coach.”

– Dom T., Founder

Does this sound like you?

You’re frustrated with the pace of your growth. From the outside in, everything looks rosy but it doesn’t feel that way for you. There’s a disconnection and unease between where you are and where you want to be.

You have high expectations of yourself and your impact. You know you’re here to be and do something different, so when it feels like you’re moving slower than you desire, you beat yourself up for not being further ahead.

It feels like you’re in the trough of sorrow – riding the rollercoaster of paving your own path. You’re tired of letting your negative inner voice run the show and feeling like you’re constantly on the edge of spiraling self-doubt.

You’re ready to make a change.

You’re excited to take control and feel free from the doubt, fear and negative inner narratives that are holding you back.

You’re ready to focus on the work that matters and feel confident in yourself and your direction from the inside out – in full alignment with your purpose.

You’re curious about working with a coach who will help you shine a light on your blind spots, spark insights that shift your perspective and step into your highest potential.

You’re ready to partner with someone who you can be your complete self with – who you don’t have to hide from and whose purpose is to help you work through your darkest fears, so you can step powerfully and unapologetically into who you’re destined to be.

Imagine working with a coach who’s focused solely on you and your growth.

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