Jess is an inspiring coach and I’m looking forward to working with her again.
— Merci Grace, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

You’re here to change the world

You have a vision for the future you want to create and you’re driven by a purpose and passion that feels more powerful than most.

You see things differently. You are different. You dream bigger, think faster and move things forward at a pace most dream of.

You’re ready to reach your next level and discover what’s truly possible for you when you feel free from the inner war that wages inside.

You’re ready to move from a life of feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and drained by doubt, through to a life of feeling confident in your own skin, unapologetic in your actions and in complete control of your destiny.

Jess helped me navigate the inevitable roller-coaster ride of being a start up founder. Her ability to actively listen, ask the hard questions and accentuate the positives is exactly what you need from a coach.
— Dom Taylor, Founder PRIME

You’re ready to partner with…

A coach who will shine a light on your blind spots and call you out when you’re playing small, overthinking or letting your limitations hold you back.

A coach who creates a space of deep trust so you’ll feel safe to be fully seen, share your darkest fears and put words to your boldest dreams.

A coach who will help you resolve and release the stories that are no longer serving you, your vision or your growth, so that you can show up feeling free from doubt and fear.

A coach who knows what it’s like to build something from scratch, who knows the aloneness of paving your own path and the inner battle between crippling self-doubt and unstoppable self-belief.

A coach who has done – and will forever be doing – the inner work to break through their own limitations and rebuild themselves into the person their boldest vision needs them to be.

A coach who is continually evolving in service of their mission – helping you achieve yours.

Let’s talk

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