What's stopping you?


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Last week, I hosted a coaching workshop at The AllBright and I’m still smiling from the experience.

Together, we went deep into why we hold ourselves back (the fear iceberg - more on this to come) and how we can start building ourselves like a successful product…

…by harnessing the 4 steps of the Unleash Your Extraordinary framework:

  1. Dream

  2. Deconstruct

  3. Experiment

  4. Evolve

The workshop felt particularly special because I did something I’ve never done before – I coached a member of the group live. And it was incredible!

A few months ago, I went to a coaching intensive in LA run by master coach, Rich Litvin. One of the things I loved most was witnessing someone be coached by Rich on stage – because it felt like I was being coached by proxy.

And so, I thought I’d test this out.

Of the 15 ladies there, a lovely lady called Murielle put her hand up and in 22 minutes, we discovered that Murielle’s dream is to be a singer.

Murielle LOVES to sing and her face lights up when she talks about.

However, Murielle’s never believed she’s “good enough” and so - as she started to realise in our conversation - she’s never tried to make it happen. Murielle’s never tested her assumption that she’s not good enough.

Doesn’t it feel like Murielle represents us all? Where are we holding back from trying our hand at something because we fear we might not be good enough?

We finished our conversation with Murielle promising to send me a video of her singing in front of a group - to test whether she’s “good enough” - by Friday.

And then, as I was saying goodbye to some of the members in the group, this happened:


And since then, I’ve received this note from Murielle:

“OMG Jess, I just have to share this with you. Following the coaching session, I contacted a studio to see if they would be open to an audition. Well they are and I am auditioning for them next week!!

Thanks again for everything, your coaching really unlocked something in me!”

Isn’t it amazing what 22 minutes can do?

Jess Ratcliffe