Hello, I’m Jess

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After starting my first business when I was 19, I’ve spent the past decade building products in gaming, digital healthcare, London and San Francisco.

While living in San Francisco, a life-threatening diagnosis changed my life forever and ignited a fire in me to fulfill my potential and help as many people as I can to do the same. 

The experience of facing my mortality set me on a mission to discover what’s truly possible when we intentionally build the people we dream of being. So I started building the person and leader I’ve always dreamed of being, by applying a product mindset to my personal development. It was from that experience that Unleash Your Extraordinary was born.

Fast forward two years and Unleash Your Extraordinary has become a transformative group coaching experience that’s helped hundreds of leaders from Slack to Salesforce and London to San Francisco…

  • Achieve clarity on their vision

  • Break through their inner blockers

  • And build confidence in their potential

Over the last two years, my one-on-one coaching practice has grown exponentially and I’m now focused on helping startup founders and their teams reach the next level of their personal growth.

I’m also the host of The Unleash Your Extraordinary Podcast, where I share weekly episodes designed to help listeners build confidence, break through their blockers and take action that propels them forward.

I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch on Instagram, where I’m @jessratcliffe or by emailing directly to jess@jessratcliffe.com.